Timetabled service between Smugglers Cottage at Tolverne to the pontoon at Trelissick Gardens.


Smugglers Ferry

A regular ferry that connects Smugglers Cottage at Tolverne with Trelissick Gardens on the other side of the river.

Also lands at a number of other locations around the upper Fal River including Halwyn, Tolverne, visiting yacht pontoons, moorings and anchorages and Round Wood Quay.

Operates 7 days a week in June, July, August and September from 1015 - 1650 and there's an evening service on Friday and Saturday nights in July & August.

Enterprise Boats passengers can use this service for free. The timetable is designed to connect with north and south bound Enterprise Boats at Trelissick as they do not always have time to stop at Smugglers.

Outside of the timetabled service, the Smugglers Ferry can be used as a water taxi and for special boat trips around the river.

Please call 07772 302232 for more information.