Q :: Can I spread my credit across more than one card?
A :: When you purchase credit in bundles of either 80 or 240 it will need to be added to a single card. In certain circumstances credit may be split over more than one card after prior approval from the office 01872 861912.

Q :: Where can I buy credits?
A :: You can purchase credit with cash, cheaque or a credit card on the

  • On the King Harry Ferry
  • On the St Mawes Ferry
  • At the Fal River VIC
  • At the Truro TIC
  • Online

Q :: How much do credits cost?
A :: Credit bundles cost (as of the 1st Feb 2011)

  • 80 credits: £48 (60p a credit)
  • 240 credits: £120 (50p a credit)

Q :: What if I lose my card?
A :: We are unable to replace lost or damaged cards.

Q ::
Can I lend my card to family and friends?
A :: Yes, by all means

Q :: Will my card have my name or car reg on it?
A :: No, but it does have a unique number that we record with your name and email

Q :: What about VAT and commercial vehicles?
A ::  Commercial vehicles will still be issued paper based concession books. These are available on the King Harry Ferry or via the office and come with a VAT receipt. 20 single tickets cost £79.17 + VAT (£95 inc VAT/ £3.96 + VAT per crossing) A commercial vehicle is any vehicle over 3.5 tons.

Q :: What do I do on the ferry?
A :: If you are onboard the King Harry Ferry we provide a free window holder for your card. Please fix this holder next to the tax disk in your windscreen. The crew will scan the card and deduct the credit for your journey through the glass. For the passenger ferries show the card onboard who will scan the card and deduct the appropriate credit.

Q :: How do I check my credit?
A ::  To check how much credit you have left on your card, ask the ferry crew when your card is being scanned and they will tell you.

Q :: What about my old tickets?
A :: The old concession tickets will be valid until Oct 2013.

Q :: When do prices change?
A :: The cost of credit bundles may go up at any time but the credits on your card will still be valid.